Useful links

*Websites about Matsue :

[Visit Matsue (Official English website)]


[Made In Matsue (English blog)]

[Sanin Story (English blog)]

*Videos by the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organisation):

[Matsue City] Click here

[Shimane Prefecture] Click here

[San-in Region] Click here

[Chugoku Region]  Click here and also here

*Reference Articles:

[Japan Times] Matsue: ‘City of Water ‘ with a history set in stone

[JNTO’s Japan Monthly Web Magazine] The « kami » (deity) of « tying the knot »

[Japan Travel]

*Photo Galleries of Matsue :

[Made In Matsue (Facebook)]

[Jinjer Templer Photography (Facebook)]

[Lake Shinji Sunsets]

[Horikawa Sightseeing Boat]

[Matsue Postcard Museum (Japanese Website)]

[Matsue Photo (Japanese website)]

*Websites about Shimane Prefecture :

[Sightseeing in Shimane (Official English website)]

[Sightseeing in Shimane (Official English blog)]

[Connect Shimane (Shimane affiliated English website)]

[Visit Shimane (Shimane affiliated English website)]

[Mythology in Shimane (Official English Website)]

[Izumo Official Sightseeing Website (English PDF available)]

[Enmusubi guidebook (English PDF]

[Adachi Museum of Art (Official English website)]

[Oki Islands (Official English website)]

[Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine (Official English website)]

[Iwami Travel Guide (English blog)]

[Shimane AJET (by the JET community based in Shimane Prefecture)]

[Ojisanjake (English blog)]

*Websites about the San-in Region (Shimane & Tottori Prefectures) :

[Sanin Region]

[Tottori Prefecture]

[Daisen Guide (Official English Website)]

[Yonago City] &

[Sakaiminato City]

[Misasa Town]

[Navigate Chugoku]

[PDF introducing the Chugoku Region]


For sightseeing and guidance information in Matsue City, please contact Matsue International Tourist Information Office by mail (annai1[at] or phone (0852-21-4034). Open daily, from 9:00 to 18:00.


Matsue Travel Guide is affiliated to and is administered by Matsue City Coordinators for International Relations. To contact us, please write at matsuecityguide[at]






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