Matsue City Guide Newsletter – in English

Matsue City Guide Newsletter is an English guide that aims at helping international visitors and residents of Matsue City with how to spend their time in Matsue and make sure that they don’t miss out on events. It is published every three months and is edited by Matsue City Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs). It is also available in French and Korean. Stay tuned with Matsue City Guide on Facebook.

Click on the cover to open.

Newsletter #7 – July/August/September 2014

MatsueCityGuide Newsletter 7 (English) - Summer 2014 (July-August-September) Cover|English|French|Korean|

Newsletter #6 – April/May/June 2014

MatsueCityGuide Newsletter 6 (English) - Spring 2014 (April-May-June) Cover|English|French|Korean|

Newsletter #5 – January/February/March 2014

 MatsueCityGuide Newsletter 5 (English) - Winter 2014 (January-February-March) Cover|English|French|

Newsletter #4 – October/November/December 2013

 MatsueCityGuide Newsletter 4 (English) - Autumn 2013 (October-November-December) Cover|English|French|

Newsletter #3 – July/August/September 2013

MatsueCityGuide Newsletter 3 (English) - Summer 2013 (July-August-September) Cover|English|French|

Newsletter #2 – April/May/June 2013

MatsueCityGuide Newsletter 2 (English) - Spring 2013 (April-May-June) Cover|English|

Newsletter #1 – January/February/March 2013

MatsueCityGuide Newsletter 1 (English) - Winter 2013 (January-February-March) Cover|English|


You can find a paper version inside the Tourist Information Offices of Matsue, Matsue International Community Center (MICC), the Center for International Exchange of Shimane University and at Karakoro Art Studio.
You can also download it from the MICC website.

The cover manga is created by Buri-chan. Find more pictures on her blog: San’in Story

Contact: matsuecityguide at


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