January/February/March Events

Here are the main events in Matsue during Winter. Please find the other events in Event Calendar.

  • Matsue Dandan Shoku Festa Food Festival – 松江だんだん食フェスタ
    All February

MatsMatsue Dandan Shoku Festaue’s main winter event, the annual Dandan Shoku Festa gives you the opportunity to savour a variety of delicacies made from local ingredients at various locations throughout the city. The biggest events are the three Sunday markets that occur during the festival.

The Sunday markets usually rotate and take place around JR Matsue Station, Kyomise area, and Shirakata tenmangu Shrine. Many other events also take place in several locations and restaurants.

  • Spring Equinox Festival (Setsubun-sai) – 節分祭
    Every year on February 3rd

P1010499Taking place throughout Japan on February 3rd, Setsubun indicates the beginning of spring. It is accompanied with a bean-throwing ceremony (Mame-maki) to cleanse all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come. Such ceremonies are held in the many shrines around Matsue. The most popular ceremony is held in Kumano Taisha Shrine in southern Matsue. It takes place in the early afternoon, and city officials, such as the mayor and governor, often have the honour of tossing the beans.

  • Matsue Irish Festival – 松江アイリッシュ・フェスティバル
    Early March, Sunday

聖パトリック (21)As the first Japanese home of Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn, Matsue has close ties with Ireland and celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with an annual parade, one of the most enthusiastic events of its kind in Japan. The parade includes sections on boat and on land, and is followed by traditional Irish music and céili dancing. On Saturday and Sunday evening, the vault of Karakoro Art Studio is transformed into an Irish pub–the Shamrock–complete with live music, a selection of Irish food, and beer on tap. URL: Irish Festival in Matsue Facebook Page (jp).


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