Event Calendar

Matsue is home to many festivals all year round, many of which are listed here. For more up to date information and events, please have a look at our Matsue City Guide Facebook Page. You can also browse the menu to find our news articles.

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January/February/March Events

  • Matsue Dandan Shoku Festa Food Festival
    All February
  • Spring Equinox Festival (Setsubun-sai)
    Every year on February 3rd
  • Matsue Irish Festival
    Early March, Sunday


April/May/June Events

  • Matsue Castle Festival
    From the end of March to mid-April
  • Matsue Musha Gyoretsu Warrior Parade
    First Saturday of April
  • Aofushigaki Ritual
    Every year on April 7th
  • Horan-enya Ritual
    May, once every 10 years (May 2019)

Matsue Suigosai Fireworks - Lake Shinji - Yomegashima Island - Japan

July/August/September Events

  • Tamatsukuri Onsen Summer Festival
    From mid-July to the end of September
  • Matsue Suigosai Fireworks Festival
    Final weekend of July or first weekend of August
  • Obon Floating Lantern Festival (Toro-nagashi)
    Every year on August 16th
  • Oyukake Jizo Festival
    Every year on August 24th
  • Iya Shrine’s Ho-kake Matsuri
    Every year on August 28th
  • Sada Shrine Gozakae Ritual
    Every year on September 24th and 25th


October/November/December Events

  • Water Lantern Festival (Matsue Suitoro)
    Mid-September to mid-October
  • Matsue Do Gyoretsu Drum Parade
    Third Sunday of October
  • Matsue Castle Grand Tea Ceremony
    First Saturday and Sunday of October
  • Morotabune Ritual
    Every year on December 3rd

・All year round event・

  • Matsue Castle Rifle Troop Performances松江城鉄砲隊
    Every third Sunday, 11:00 and 14:00

Matsue Castle Rifle Troop (MatTir a l'arquebuse devant le musée d'Histoire de Matsue.sue-jô Teppôtai) performs rifle shooting at Matsue History Museum on a regular basis and this enthralling display is completely free of charge. You can watch it from inside the History Museum, in Kiharu Tearoom, while enjoying Matcha green tea and freshly made Wagashi Japanese confectioneries.


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