Event information in Matsue – July/August/September 2014

Here are the main events happening in Matsue for July/August/September 2014. You can also find them in the last issue of Matsue City Guide Newsletter. Stay tuned with Matsue City Guide on Facebook for more events and info.


  • Twilight Museumトワイライトミュージアム
    June 21 – September 15, at Shimane Art Museum

Shimane Art Museum - Twilight Museum - Lake Shinji - SunsetLocated along the shore of Lake Shinji, Shimane Art Museum is open until 30min after the sunset. This event gives visitor a chance to enjoy beautiful illuminations in the dimmed museum lobby in the twilight.

More info in Japanese here.

  • Tamatsukuri Onsen Summer Festival – 玉造温泉夏祭り
    Illumination: July 15 – Sept. 30. Live: July 19 – Aug. 31

Tamatsukuri Onsen Summer Festival - Matsue JapanThe hot spring area of Tamatsukuri Onsen will be illuminated with thousands of lanterns and candles, every night starting at 6:30pm. From July 19th to August 31, free concerts and traditional dances will be held from 8:15pm to 9:30pm.
Access: 25min walk south from Tamatsukuri Onsen Station. More info on about this event in Japanese: http://www.tama-onsen.jp/

  • Musket and Katana Performances 火縄銃と居合い切りEvery third Sunday, 11:00 and 14:00

Matsue Castle Rifle Troop (Matsue-jô Teppôtai 松江城鉄砲隊) performs rifle shooting at Matsue History Museum on a regular basis and this enthralling display is completely free of charge. You can watch it from inside Matsue History Museum, in Kiharu Cafe, while enjoying Matcha green tea and freshly made Wagashi Japanese confectionery.

Time : July 20 | August 17 | September 21

  • Tenjin-san Summer Festival 天神さん夏祭り
    July 24 (Thurs.), from 17:00 – July 25 (Fri.), from 18:30

Tenjin-san Summer Festival - Shirakata Tenmangu Shrine - Matsue JapanAlso called Tenjin-san, Shirakata Tenmangu Shrine holds this annual festival in which the ‘mikoshi’ (portable shrine) is carried in a lively fashion from Matsue Castle to the main shrine on Thursday.

The festival continues the next day all around the shrine area, with drum processions that children participate in.


  • Swim-Walking to Yomegashima歩いて渡る嫁ヵ島
    August 9 (Sat.), 8:30 to 12:00 (Y500, booking needed)

Swim-walking to Yomegashima island, Lake Shinji, Matsue, JapanPopular among children, this annual event attracts more than 200 participants who swim-walk to the sanctuary island of Yomegashima. Lake Shinji is only 160cm deep at the most in this area.

Please register by phone (0852-24-6521) or by e-mail (mspace@lime.ocn.ne.jp). More info on http://mizu-miyako.com/

  • Matsue Dandan Summer Dance松江だんだん夏踊り
    August 9 (Sat.), 14:00 to 20:00

Matsue Dandan Summer Dance (Natsu Odori)Started in 2007 to celebrate the 400 years of the beginning of the founding of Matsue, this giant dance event gathers several amateur dancing groups. The parade will start around Ohashi Bridge.

In the Izumo dialect, “dandan” means “thanks”!

  • Matsue Suigosai (Fireworks) – 松江水郷祭・花火大会
    August 9 and 10 (weekend)

Matsue Suigosai Fireworks - Lake Shinji - Yomegashima Island - JapanOne of the biggest fireworks of western Japan, Matsue Suigosai is held for two days over Lake Shinji. Many people wear yukata and enjoy thousands of fireworks between 20:00-20:30 on Saturday and 20:00-21:00 on Sunday. Dance events and other performances will be held on stage.

  • Toro-nagashi Floating Lantern Ceremony – 灯篭流し
    August 16 (Sat.), in the evening

Toro-nagashi Floating Lantern Ceremony - Ohashi River - Matsue JapanPaper lanterns (toro) are illuminated and then floated down Ohashi River, Matsue’s main river.

This ceremony marks the end of Obon, when the spirits of ancestors are said to revisit the household altars, so this event symbolizes the ancestral spirits’ return to the world of the dead.

  • Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Festival– お湯かけ地蔵まつり
    August 24 (Sun.), 18:00 – 22:00. Fireworks from 20:00

Matsue Shinjiko Onsen - Oyukake Jizo Matsuri - Matsue City JapanDedicated to Oyukake Jizo, the local hot spring deity of Matsue Shinjiko Onsen (northeast banks of Lake Shinji), this annual event consists of night illuminations, food stalls, free sake tasting and many other events. Fireworks start at 20:00.

More info on the Japanese website : http://www.matsue-yado.com/jizoufesta/

  • Iya Shrine Festival (Hokake Matsuri) – 穂掛祭り・揖屋神社
    August 28 (Thur.), from 19:00 (near Iya Station)

Iya Shrine Hokake Matsuri - Matsue - Japanese festivalTo pray for generous harvest and safety at sea, the god worshipped in Iya Shrine is paraded both on sea and on land. The land procession starts at 19:00. The celebrations include drums, mochi-maki (distribution of rice cakes) and fireworks. The crowd is also given sake in bamboo cups.

More pictures of this festival in our Facebook Album.


  • Sada Shrine’s Gozakae Ritual御座替え神事・佐太神社
    September 24 (Wed.) and 25 (Thur.), in the evening

Matsue - Sanctuaire Sada - Sada Shin NohThis serious ritual is undertaken to purify the new rush mats upon which the tutelary deities of Sada Shrine (Important Cultural Property) are to sit. It consists of purification dances (first day) and celebration dances (second day) which include the famous UNESCO-registered Sada Shin Noh dances.



More events and info on
Matsue City Guide Facebook Page


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