Event information in Matsue – April/May/June 2014

Here are the main events happening in Matsue between April~June 2014.
You can also find them in the last issue of Matsue City Guide Newsletter.
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  • Matsue Castle Festival – お城まつり
    From March 29th to April 15th

Matsue Castle is one of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Matsue, and while they are in bloom there is a festival held on the castle grounds.
>The castle tower will be open until later than usual (8:30~18:30) and nighttime illuminations will go until 21:00, making the entire castle grounds an enchanting place.
>A tea house will open for flower viewers, providing Matcha green tea and Sakura-mochi for 350 yen.
>Free samurai dress-up will be available on weekends (10:00~16:00).
>There will also be free stage performances, including guest vocalists (April 6th, 10:00~16:00), a Yasugibushi folk dance contest (April 12th, 11:00~16:00), and youth festival performances (April 13th, 10:00~16:00).
More info in Japanese here.

Matsue Castle Festival 2013Matsue Castle by night, Cherry Blossoms Festival

Matsue has many spots to enjoy flower viewing (花見 hanami, in Japanese).
Check out our FB photo album for more info.

  • Matsue Musha Gyoretsu Warrior Parade – 武者行列
    April 5th, 12:30~15:30

This annual event celebrates the founding of Matsue by re-enacting the symbolic entrance of Lord Horio Yoshiharu and his troops to his newly built castle town. Participants parade through Matsue in warrior armour, elegant kimono, and other outfits reminiscent of the early Edo period. In case of rain, the event may be held indoors, in Shimane Citizen Hall (Shimane Kenmin Kaikan).

Matsue Warrior Parade (Musha Gyoretsu)

  • Aofushigaki Ritual – 青柴垣神事
    April 7th (Monday), in Mihonoseki Harbour

Held in the early afternoon in Mihonoseki Harbour, this ritual re-enacts a famous episode of the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), written in 713. This solemn Shinto ritual is based on the “Transfer of the Land” myth (Kuniyuzuri Shinwa), that tells of Kotoshironushi disappearing from the visible world by going into the sea after he agreed to concede the lands.

  • Matsue Castle Rifle Troop Performances
    Every third Sunday, 11:00 and 14:00

Matsue Castle Rifle Troop (Matsue-jô Teppôtai 松江城鉄砲隊) performs rifle shooting at Matsue History Museum on a regular basis and this enthralling display is completely free of charge. You can watch it from inside the History Museum, in Kiharu Cafe, while enjoying Matcha green tea and freshly made Wagashi Japanese confectionary.

Tir a l'arquebuse devant le musée d'Histoire de Matsue.

Matsue Castle Rifle Troop in action.

Time : April 13th / May 18th / June 15th

  • Daikonshima Island Peony Festival – 大根島ぼたん祭り
    April 19th – May 6th

Peonies were first planted on Daikonshima roughly 300 years ago, and today, there are more than 350 varieties. There are varieties in bloom all year round at Yuushien Japanese Garden, but most are in bloom during this festival, and the whole island becomes of sea of color.

Peony Festival, Daikonshima Island, Matsue
Also, the pond at the garden will be filled with 30,000 peony blossoms from April 29th to May 6th. More info on Yuushien Japanese Garden

Yuushien Japanese Garden Peony Pond, Matsue/MAY/

  • Sada Shin Noh (Special exhibition) – 佐陀神能特別公演
    May 10th (Sat.) 20:00~21:00, ¥1,200

Sada Shin Noh is a collective term for the three kinds of dance performances done as part of the Gozakae Ritual of Sada Shrine. This ritual is September, but this special performance will display the dances of purification, theatrical dances borrowed from Noh theatre, and mythology based dances. This dance was added to the UNESCO List in 2011.

More info on Visit-Matsue.com

Matsue - Sanctuaire Sada - Sada Shin Noh

  • International Speech Contest in Japanese – 外国人による日本語弁論大会
    May 24th (Sat.), Plover Hall, Matsue City general culture center

The contest will commemorate the 110th anniversary of the death of Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904), a Greek-Irish writer and open-minded world-traveler. Having settled in Matsue as an English teacher in 1890, Hearn was one of the earliest and most prolific writers to reveal Japan to the western world in books such as ‘Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan’ or ‘Kwaidan’. He was one of the first westerners to attain Japanese citizenship and he is still known in Japan as Koizumi Yakumo.
Applications must be sent before April 10th.
Click on the following links for more info:

International Speech Contest in Japanese - Matsue, May 24th 2014

  • Arcadia on the Shore (Shimane Art Museum Special Exhibition)
    March 20th – June 16th

French painter Pierre Puvis de Chavannes (1824-1898) is best known as a leading mural painter whose masterpieces are displayed on many monumental buildings in France. This exhibition, held at Shimane Art Museum, will be the first retrospective exhibition in Japan to offer a comprehensive introduction to the work of this artist.

More info on Shimane Art Museum English Website

Arcadia on the Shore (Shimane Art Museum Special Exhibition)  Pierre Puvis de Chavannes


  • Yomegashima Island Lantern Illumination –六月の嫁ヶ島 万灯会
    June 14th (Sat)

Yomegashima Island Lantern Illumination - Lake Shinji - Matsue, Japan


Matsue City Summer Flower Calendar

In June, don’t miss to visit Gessho-ji « Hydrangea » Temple!

More pictures in our photo album :
Matsue City Guide Facebook Page


More events and info on
Matsue City Guide Facebook Page
Visit-Matsue.com Official Sightseeing Website


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