Event information in Matsue – January/February/March 2014

Here are the main events happening in Matsue between January~March 2014.
You can also find them in the last issue of Matsue City Guide Newsletter:

Matsue City Guide Newsletter is an English guide that aims at helping visitors of Matsue City with how to spend their time in town and make sure that they don’t miss out on events. You can also find a paper version in town. Stay tuned with Matsue City Guide on Facebook for more events and info: http://www.facebook.com/visitmatsue

Matsue City Guide Newsletter - 5th Issue (Winter 2014) - English Cover

Matsue City Guide Newsletter – Cover of Issue N5 – Winter 2014


  • Yuushien Garden – World Class Collaboration
    From January 18th (Sat.) to March 31st (Sun.)

This winter, the Japanese garden of Yuushien (由志園) welcomes two renowned masters of Garden Design, Nico Wissing (Netherlands) and Kazuyuki Ishihara (Japan), to offer you a world class collaboration event.

Yuushien Japanese Garden

Picture of the event held inside the Peony House of Yuushien

At this time of year, Yuushien is also blessed with beautiful winter peonies (寒牡丹 kan-botan), gracefully protected from snow by a small, delicate thatched roof.

Yuushien Winter Peony

Winter Peony of Yuushien Gadern

Finally, note that Yuushien recently opened a museum dedicated to ginseng (雲州人参 Unshu Ninjin), the medicinal grade root of which the island of Daikonshima has been famous for for centuries.

>Admission Fee (Access to garden & special event): ¥500 for international visitors. >Hours: Open daily, 10:00 to 17:30.
>Access by bus from JR Matsue Station: City bus bound to Yatsuka-cho, or Ichibata bus bound to Sakaiminato. Map: http://goo.gl/maps/xvdZT
>Official HP: http://www.yuushien.com/yuushien/

  • Matsue Castle Rifle Troop Performances
    Every third Sunday, 11:00 and 14:00

Matsue Castle Rifle Troop (Matsue-jô Teppôtai 松江城鉄砲隊) performs rifle shooting at Matsue History Museum on a regular basis and this enthralling display is completely free of charge. You can watch it from inside the History Museum, in Kiharu Cafe, while enjoying Matcha green tea and freshly made Wagashi Japanese confectionary.

Tir a l'arquebuse devant le musée d'Histoire de Matsue.

Matsue Castle Rifle Troop in action.

Time : January 19th, February 16th, March 16th

  • Iwami Kagura Dance
    January 26th (Sun.), from 14:00

Lively dances originally dedicated to Shinto gods, now also practiced as folk entertainment, Kagura dances (神楽) boast magnificent costumes and stirring music. Kagura from the Iwami area is certainly one of the most impressive Kagura nationwide. Don’t miss this event on stage!

Iwami Kagura in Matsue

Iwami Kagura in Matsue – Poster

>Place: Plover Hall (south of Matsue Station). Map: http://goo.gl/maps/13XH2
>Fee: Reserved seat ¥4,000 (presale ¥3,500). Free seat ¥3,000 (presale ¥2,500)


  • Matsue Dandan Food Festival (Dandan Shoku Festa)
    February 1st (Sat.) – 28th (Fri.)

Matsue’s main winter event, the annual Dandan Food Festival (だんだん食フェスタ) gives you the opportunity to savour a variety of delicacies made from local ingredients at various locations throughout the city. The biggest events are the three Sunday markets occuring during the festival. Many other events will also take place in several locations. Get a ¥1,000 sheet of tickets worth ¥1,100, which you can use during festival events to try a variety of vendors’ hot cuisine.

Matsue Dandan Shoku Festa

Matsue Dandan Shoku Festa 2014 – Poster

Sunday markets are as follows:
-Feb. 2nd (10:30-15:00), JR Matsue Station, north side
-Feb. 9th (11:00-15:00), Kyomise shopping district area
-Feb. 16th (11:00-15:00), Shirakata Shrine area

Don’t miss the crab themed event (Kanigoya 蟹小屋) held daily in East of Matsue Central Post Office by Ohashi River. 11:00 to 22:00  (closes between 14:00 and 17:00 except weekends)


  • Irish Festival in Matsue
    March 9th (Sun.), street parade from 12:00

As the first Japanese home of Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn, Matsue has close ties with Ireland and celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with an annual parade and an Irish pub in Karakoro Art Studio, where live music can be enjoyed. An exhibition on Lafcadio Hearn and New Orleans – Matsue’s frienship city since 1994 – is also held at Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum.

Irish Parade in Matsue - Parade de la St Patrick

Irish Festival in Matsue

  • Izumo Bunraku – Nihon Furisode Hajime
    March 9th (Sun.), from 14:00

Ranking with Noh and Kabuki as one of Japan’s foremost stage arts, Bunraku – or Ningyo Johruri – is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theatre that blends narrative song, instrumental accompaniment and puppet drama. Bunraku is registered on the Representative List of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Bunraku in Matsue

Bunraku – Puppet theater in Matsue

>Fee: ¥3,000
>Place: Shimane Civic Center (Kenmin Kaikan)
>Map: http://goo.gl/maps/0jtN9

/Coming soon – Spring 2014 Events/

Tamatsukuri Onsen - Hanami

Cherry Blossoms (hanami) – March/April

Matsue Castle Festival

Matsue Castle Festival – March/April

Matsue Warrior Parade (Musha Gyoretsu)

Matsue Warrior Parade « Musha Gyoretsu » – April 5th (Sun.)

Peony Festival (Daikonshima Island)

Peony Festival(Daikonshima Island)

More events and info in our Facebook Page: Matsue City Guide

And in Matsue City Official Sightseeing Website: Visit-matsue.com


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